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Grain Milling

The grain milling is the sector where nearly 40 years ago we started providing our weighing, dosing and bagging solutions. Thousands of machines installed in mills throughout the world are the proof of the quality, reliability, and smart solutions provided by imeco.

A Grain milling plant can be divided in 5 main sections.

1. Receiving & Intake

2. Cleaning

3. Milling

4. Noble finished products Blending & delivery

5. By-products delivery

For each section we have developed a weighing system suitable to the customer's needs.

imeco provides a full range of solutions to grain milling industries, such as wheat Bulk weighers for intake, transfer and receiving applications, corn bulk weighers, maize bulk weighers, wheat electronic flow regulators for wheat blending applications, wheat first cleaning scales, wheat screening monitoring scales, maize monitoring scales, corn monitoring scales, corn automatic dampenign controllers, wheat automatic dampening controllers, maize moisture controllers, wheat moisture controllers, wheat B1 scales, wheat finished product monitoring scales, flour monitoring scales, semolina monitoring scales, bran monitoring scales, pollard monitoring scales, vitamins & improvers feeders, gluten feeders, ascorbic acid feeders, flour loss in weight feeders for blending applications, flour mixing systems, flour bulk load-out weighers, bran bulk load-out scales, flour bagging lines, flour carousel bagging lines, semolina bagging machines, flour gross weight packers, flour in-line bag check weighers, flour metal detector for filled bags, product bagging lines, bran bagging, pollard bagging, semolina bagging lines, flour fully automatic carousel bagging lines, semolina fully automatic carousel bagging lines, flour palletizers, maize flour fully automatic carousel bagging lines, semolina palletizers, flour robotic arm palletizers, semolina robotic arm palletizers, flour cartesian palletizers, flour convetional bag palletizers, flour bundles robotic arm palletizing cells, flour bag robot palletizers, flour pallet load securing systems, flour conventional palletizers, flour high in-feed bag palletizers, flour low in-feed bag palletizers, flour robotic arm palletizers, flour robot palletizer gantry palletizers, flour cartesian palletizers, flour single column palletizers, flour turning table wrapping machines, flour wrappers, flour rotating arm wrappers, flour in-line bag check weighers, flour metal detectors for filled bags, flour stretch hooders, flour jumbo bag fillers, semolina jumbo bag fillers, flour FIBC weighing & filling, flour drums weighing & filling lines, flour bulk load-out weighers, flour bag truck loading systems.

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