High speed automatic bag placer net weight bagging system
Suitable for granular free flowing products

ABP120 is suitable for fine coarse granular FREE FLOWING products. It can run up to 20 bags/min manage bags from 10 to 80 kg.
It can handle bags, flat or gusset, of different material, even the most difficult one such as woven PP bags.
The ABP120 is equipped with an automatic bag rejecting system for misplaced or unopened bags and motorized quick height adjustment for bag closing conveyor.
Can be used with existing bagging scale and bag closing system and can be equipped with in-line check weigher, metal detector and dedicated bag rejector.
A special execution for aggressive environments and products is also available for the ABP line.

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Capacity up to 1200 bph

Filling weight: 10 to 80 kg / 22 to 176 lbs

Several feeding device available (gravity, belt, vibratory tray, etc.)

Several bag closing system available (sewing, heat sealing, pinch, gluing, etc.)

Available in SIMPLEX or DUPLEX bagging scale

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