High speed automatic carousel packer for pre-made open mouth bags with total control system for filled bags
Suitable for powdery products

ABP120UR, automatic carousel packer with four dust tight bird beak spout, has been specially designed for floury products high-speed bagging, but it can successfully be used with free and semi-free flowing products. Maximum production is up to 20 bags/minute (up to 960 bph). It can fill bags ranging from 10 to 50 Kg of woven PP bags, paper, plastic, laminated polypropylene, etc.
Equipped with electro-pneumatic bag shaker device for a quick & proper product settling, automatic bag rejecting system for misplaced or unopened bags (maintenance free bag detection on the filling mouth) to avoid wrong product discharge and motorized quick height adjustment for bag closing conveyor.
The line can be equipped with in-line check weigher, metal detector and dedicated bag rejector.

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Capacity up to 960 bph

Filling weight: 10 to 50 kg / 22 to 110 lbs

Several bag closing system available (sewing, heat sealing, pinch, gluing, etc.)

Prepared to be used with exsisteing bagging scale and exsisting bag closing system

Deareation bars for air excess removal before bag closing

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