Additives continuous feeder
Suitable for continuous dosing of powder ingredients

The ACD has been designed for volumetric continuous dosing of very small quantities of powdery products, such as additives, flour improvers etc (such as vitamins, flour improvers, gluten, etc.).
The dosing tank of ACD model it is composed of three parts: central, back flange and front flange. This system allows an accurate cleaning of the interior of the machine (only with the removal of the front flange).
Equipped with inside mixer placed into the dosing tank, on top the screw, specially installed to avoid product bridge inside the hopper and to assure a continuous product flow to the dosing screw
Thanks to less movements parts the ACD model required low maintenance and low power consuption thanks to the “single” motor design.
Available in 4 sizes from 0,1 to 16 dm3/h and entirely made in SS304 sandblaster finisched.

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Available in 4 sizes from 0,1 to 16 dm3/h

Dosing screw equipped with quick removal system

Can be equipped with low level sensor

Manual or automatic loading version available

Preselectiond of dosing capacity and quantity

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