Electronic flow regulator
Intended for controlling the outflow of free-flowing granular products.

The electronic flow regulator, or impact device, is intended to control the outgoing flow of free-flowing granular products. Suitable for continuous dosing of free flowing granular products (such as wheat, rice, seeds, etc.) its dosing capacity adjusted through a micrometric motorized slide gate and no need for compressed air.
A feature of the DDC model its ability to automatically calibrate the zero before dosing and to preselect the dosing capacity and quantity to be dosed.
Available in 3 sizes with a product processing capacity up to 133 m3/h and SS product contact parts.

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Capacity up to 133 m3/h

EFFETRONIC microcomputer contained in an electric operator panel on the machine to control all functions.

Profibus DP, analog communication interface

Supporting pedestal

SS product contact parts

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