Compact electronic BELT FEEDER gross weight packer
Suitable for NOT FREE FLOWING products

The electronic Gross-Weight, belt fed packer, has been designed to pack, in open mouth bags granular or floury products.
Suitable for low production rate. It is ideal for NOT FREE FLOWING products bagging or materials that need to be handled carefully to maintain their structure.
Equiped with surge hopper, product level indicator and completed with heavy duty support pedastal.
Availabre in 2 sizes; 5/25 kg or 25/100 kg with a capacity up to 250 bph and automatic zero setting after each bag (net weigh system working principle).
You can request the GWB model with the following execution: SS304 or SS316 product contact part (for aggressive product & environment)

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Capacity up to 250 bph

Available in 2 sizes; 5/25 kg or 25/100 kg

RS-485, PROFIBUS DP or digital communication interfaces

Several bag closing system available (sewing, heat sealing, pinch, gluing, etc.)

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